Monday, July 03, 2006

Nicholas Sarkozy, Child Catcher

After its lapse of yesterday, the 'Daily Telegraph' swings right back into full immigrationist mode with an entirely uncritical report from France entitled 'French families shelter young migrants'.
Edi, 12, (far left) is Ecuadorian and 'enjoys geometry, history and art'. The scofflaw harbouring him from the due process of French law is an educational bureaucrat named Jean-Riot Sarcey.
M. Riot-Sarcey is reported to fear that Edi and his siblings "would be in danger of being kidnapped for forced labour or the illicit human organs trade if they were returned to Ecuador". Riot-Sarcey is quoted as saying that "(there) are comparisons to be made between us and the people who hid Jews during the war, even if the consequences are not so grave"; the kind of overblown and tasteless claim that discredits all those one-worlders who see the rule of law as no barrier to their own ideology's advancement.
Mon Dieu!
The Telegraph also reports that,
"Activists accuse the interior minister behind the crackdown, Nicolas Sarkozy, of mounting a "child hunt" to court the anti-immigration vote in next year's presidential elections."
Sacre bleu!
How does 'La Marseillaise' go again? Something like "Allons, enfants de la Patrie"?
To the best of my understanding, Ecuador, home of the guinea pig supper, ain't never been part of 'la Patrie'. And quite why the 'Telegraph' should think it approriate to protect the privacy of one 12 year old boy by disguising their face while failing to protect anothers is beyond me.
I mean, it's not as if they haven't revealed where the kid lives...