Thursday, December 15, 2005


Nick Squires, The Daily Telegraph's Aussie -wallah, has published an article in today's edition entitled 'Neighbours aren't always good friends'.
His take on the clash of civilisations - sorry, sorry, 'race riots' - that have been taking place in Sydney seems to lay the blame quite squarely at the door of white intolerance. He writes,
"Race riots shook Sydney, Australia's biggest city, with thousands of white youths rampaging through a well-known beach suburb, attacking people of Middle-Eastern background. They were egged on by white supremacists and neo-Nazis."
Hmm, serious stuff. He then notes the deficiencies of some aspects of Australian culture, for which he seems to blame - well, Australians.
"In the 1930s, Australians worried that they were not numerous enough to occupy such a big land and feared invasion by Asiatic hordes, "the Yellow Peril". Japanese air raids on Darwin in the Second World War, and an attack on Sydney by midget submarines, confirmed their worst fears and led to the catchy cry "Populate or Perish".
Perhaps some Aussie larrikin made the cardinal sin of offering him Merlot with his wobbegong - after all don't these people know that it's white wine with fish? But he's really in his stride now.
"The trouble started when a gang of Lebanese-Australian men allegedly beat up a pair of teenage lifesavers on Cronulla beach, in Sydney's southern suburbs."
Ah yes, good old 'allegedly', the lawyer's best friend. And what's with the 'Lebanese-Australian' cultural cowpat, Paleface? Doesn't he realise those guys find that sort of guff culturally inappropriate?
"A protest against the attack on Sunday degenerated into a mob frenzy, with thousands of white youths chanting "Lebs go home". The rampage in turn sparked three nights of reprisal raids by gangs of Lebanese-Australian young men."
Interesting contrast at work here. Lebs 'allegedly' beat up whites - sorry, sorry, Lebanese Australians 'allegedly' beat up non-Lebanese-Australian teenagers who have volunteered to toss themselves into the ocean to try to save other people in the full knowledge they might lose their own in the process. This 'alleged' action results in a 'mob frenzy', with thousands of whites running about all over the place chanting 'Lebs go home'.
What is most offensive to me about that scenario is that, if what Squires reports is true, then the standard of Antipodean invective seems to be slipping.
But having segued the white reaction from a 'frenzy' to a 'rampage', this is in turn metwith 'reprisal raids'. Quite clearly the Lebanese-Australian community was acting in self-defence when shooting at schools and burning churches.
Squires then notes,
"Australians of Lebanese background are among the poorest, least educated and least integrated of any immigrant group. They feel alienated, shut out of the Australian dream, neither Lebanese nor Australian."
Squires fails, of course, to mention why any of this should matter a dingo's toss to the teenage lifeguards the 'Lebanese-Australians' 'allegedly' beat up, which started the whole damn thing off in the first place. Of course he can't, because that would mean acknowledging the Lebs concerned are Muslims.
I have my own thoughts on this type of commentary. I think it's crap - allegedly.