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Monday, July 03, 2006

Nicholas Sarkozy, Child Catcher

After its lapse of yesterday, the 'Daily Telegraph' swings right back into full immigrationist mode with an entirely uncritical report from France entitled 'French families shelter young migrants'.
Edi, 12, (far left) is Ecuadorian and 'enjoys geometry, history and art'. The scofflaw harbouring him from the due process of French law is an educational bureaucrat named Jean-Riot Sarcey.
M. Riot-Sarcey is reported to fear that Edi and his siblings "would be in danger of being kidnapped for forced labour or the illicit human organs trade if they were returned to Ecuador". Riot-Sarcey is quoted as saying that "(there) are comparisons to be made between us and the people who hid Jews during the war, even if the consequences are not so grave"; the kind of overblown and tasteless claim that discredits all those one-worlders who see the rule of law as no barrier to their own ideology's advancement.
Mon Dieu!
The Telegraph also reports that,
"Activists accuse the interior minister behind the crackdown, Nicolas Sarkozy, of mounting a "child hunt" to court the anti-immigration vote in next year's presidential elections."
Sacre bleu!
How does 'La Marseillaise' go again? Something like "Allons, enfants de la Patrie"?
To the best of my understanding, Ecuador, home of the guinea pig supper, ain't never been part of 'la Patrie'. And quite why the 'Telegraph' should think it approriate to protect the privacy of one 12 year old boy by disguising their face while failing to protect anothers is beyond me.
I mean, it's not as if they haven't revealed where the kid lives...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

End User Nationality

Although the 'Sunday Telegraph's feature 'How the new Fagins are bringing child slavery to Britain' is pretty shocking reading, the idea of investigating the nationality/ies of those within the UK for whom the children are procured seems to have escaped its authors.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Daily Telegraph's Hatchet Job On Antony Worrall Thompson Backfires Spectacularly

Yesterday, I placed a post on the main blog concerning remarks made by a celebrity chef named Antony Worrall Thompson concerning the efficacy and language skills of Eastern European waiters employed in British restaurants.
As the most outrageously immigrationist of all British newspapers, the Daily Telegraph today hit back at AWT with a piece entitled 'Polish and spitting'.
It kicks off as describing AWT as "the television chef who is now better known for his stint on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here than for his culinary skills". Miaow!
It then quotes poor, downtrodden Katarzyna Motyka, a Warsawian now working in a london restaurant as saying,
"I would like Antony Worrall Thompson to come to this restaurant and try and do a week of my work and see what he feels about Eastern European waiting staff afterwards..."And if he couldn't manage that, as I doubt he would be able to, just a chat with him over a coffee would do."
Although her comments are both ill-mannered and aggressive, displaying a lack of respect for Thompson's years of experience in the catering industry, they are as nothing compared to those of her colleague Marius Jasnozski.
Jasnozski says,
"What about the Spanish, the French, the Italians and the Brazilians?... They're all here, but he has hasn't mentioned them. It's xenophobia."
Jasnozski would appear to wish to deny a British citizen the right to comment on conditions in their own industry in their own country, by using what he thinks is a oh-so-smart buzzword like 'xenophobia'.
He seems to fail to understand that as a foreigner, we might have to tolerate him but we are under absolutely no obligation to love him; nor, indeed, that he's only here on sufferance.
But Jasnozski's not finished, saying, "He should try moving to another country and having to learn a foreign language on his own."
Dudeski, I have no sympathy for you. Unlike the unfortunate period between 1945 and 1989 when you were being suppressed by your fellow Poles, nobody, absolutely nobody, forced you to come to the United Kingdom with a gun at your head. Such are the historic defects of your society, not ours.
Riven with its characteristic xenophilia, the Telegraph just can't resist singing our two Poles' praises, reporting that the article's subjects are both "so good at their jobs that they earn well above the minimum wage Mr Worrall Thompson would like to see scrapped so that waiters work harder."
They're just so much better than we are, don't you think? Motyka seems to think so, saying,
"It might even be said that they are better at their jobs than the British. "I have worked with a lot of English people and their attitude is slightly different. They take things for granted a bit more, because there is quite a strong benefits system here ," says Miss Motyka. "But we never claim benefits. We always rely on ourselves."
In a country without plumbers, one would suppose you would have to; although Poland's unemployment rate of 20% gives the lie to Motyka's comment that, ""Our history is full of difficult times so we take opportunities we are given very seriously and when we work, we work hard."
But we can all breathe more easily - deep down, they tolerate us. What a relief.
"Despite this, they are full of praise for Britain. "Everyone is very polite and welcoming," continues Miss Motyka. "It's very cosmopolitan and apart from the odd person saying, 'Oh, you're Polish - my cleaner is Polish!' The people are very open-minded. I like that."

It is just a shame that Mr Worrall Thompson had to go and ruin it all. Especially when it turns out that a new chef at his Notting Grill restaurant happens to be - yes, you guessed it, Polish."
Motyka is described as being in 'the process of applying for jobs in banking'. Hopefully she realises that if she obtains a post in that industry in this country, she will only have to been able to do so by having been permitted to compete on equal terms with British citizens, many of whose families cannot afford to employ cleaners.
So our two Poles have captured the moral high ground, and AWT is forever cast as a (gasp!) 'xenophobe'.
Not quite. So keen was the Telegraph to promote the economic 'benefits' of immigration that it went to press too quickly, resulting in its powder getting damp.
In today's 'Daily Express' (not online) AWT hits back with a full page commentary entitled 'The real reason why waiter service has gone down the pan'.
This is his first paragraph -
"Let's get one thing straight, I have absolutely nothing against workers from Eastern Bloc EU countries - I have just employed three Polish chefs myself - but there has been a distinct decline in service standards because of the rise in employing waiters who do not have a grasp of the English language".
Paragraph three -
"We in the UK could learn a great deal from the Polish work ethic. They work extremely hard, pickup on job skills very quickly and have an old-fashioned allegiance to their place of work. But if they want to be waiting staff they need communication skills - and that means speaking English".
Yuk! Any more of this and Thompson's going to be named 'Immigrationist of the Day!' He's starting to sound like Tim Luckhurst!
Paragraph 10 -
"I want to return to good old-fashioned service values where customers are known by name and see the same waiting staff when they dine at least two times in a row and are treated as if they mean something to the restaurant".
Paragraph 15 -
"We have a situation where waiting staff are paid the minimum wage and then receive tips on top - taking their earnings in excess of many chefs' wages. So employers are now levying a service charge, keeping it for the house and then paying waiting staff minimum wage. This policy gives no incentive to the waiter and encourages average service. Many tip for outstanding service but quite rightly want to know their waiter is receiving the benefit."
Final paragraph -
"So I'm not having a pop at Eastern Bloc countries, I was having a pop at our own industry where, quite frankly, the standards of service have never been lower."
Worrall Thompson's self-flagellation complete, one wonders whether Marius Jasnozski would be prepared to apologise for labelling him a 'xenophobe'. Hopefully he now knows enough about our culture to have learned the store we place on a graceful apology.
As for the 'Telegraph'....
They received the following e-mail this morning:
"Letters Editor

May 12 2006

Dear Sirs,

Does the 'Daily Telegraph''s printing of Katarzyna Motyka's and Marius Jasnozski's reaction to Anthony Worrall Thompson's opinion of the competence of Polish waiters herald a new direction in editorial policy?

One would never have expected Britain's biggest selling broadsheet to be so sympathetic to the interests of labour over capital.

If that is the case, then I look forward to the newspaper's campaign to end the practice of offshoring employment to the Third World.

Power to the people, brothers...

Yours faithfully,

Martin Kelly, LL.B., Dip.L.P.,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chipperfield's Nasty Inflammation

Mark Chipperfield, a 'Daily Telegraph' correspondent in Sydney, has described remarks made by an Aussie politician named Danna Vale during a parliamentary debate on the proposed introduction of RU 486, a morning after pill, as 'inflammatory'.
Vale said that,
"I have read comments by a certain imam from the Lakemba mosque [in Sydney] who actually said that Australia is going to be a Muslim nation in 50 years' time," she said.

"I didn't believe him at the time, but when you actually look at the birth rate … we are aborting ourselves almost out of existence by 100,000 abortions a year. You multiply that by 50 years and that's five million potential Australians we won't have here."
At the best of times, remarks of the kind that Vale reported should certainly be a cause for concern, particularly in the aftermath of the Cronullian Civil War. The contribution made to community relations by those roistering larrikins Bilal Skaf and his chums is best left under the rug.
But the chippy Chipperfield continues by saying that,
"The inflammatory remarks upset Australia's Muslim community, which is still reeling from December's race riots, when white and Lebanese gangs fought pitched battles in the Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla.

Keysar Trad, head of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said Mrs Vale was trying to exploit people's ignorance of Islam. "It's just a cheap shot and it's very unfortunate," he said"
So, the Lebanese are reeling in Chipperfieldland. Presumably he thinks that the Ockers took a week of vicious rioting in their strides, just a few fun nights out down by the beach. And he makes sure he quotes Amanda Vanstone, Australia's immigration minister, to the effect that "the suggestion that people from Muslim countries might eventually outnumber native-born Australians was "completely ill-founded". "
It's unfortunate that Chipperfield didn't report that Vanstone is also the minister for multiculturalism.
It might certainly be the case that Australia will enjoy an upsurge in its non-Islamic birth-rate. The great failing of the demographic demagogue Mark Steyn's line of apparent thought is that when fulminating on the massive Islamic birth rate, he never factors in that population trends are like the value of shares - they can go down as well as up. Once the Iranian mullahs are overthrown, it is perfectly possible that that country's birth rate will sink like a stone.
However, Ms. Vanstone had best be advised to have all the relevant facts and figures at her fingertips before so casually dismissing any such claim of that kind being made by an imam.
There can be no doubt that there has been increased Islamic migration into Australia. There is no doubt that for cultural and religious reasons, the recent trend in the Islamic birth rate is that it has been higher than the non-Islamic. The mass migration of a culture with a highbirth rate into one which has not, combined with the host's multicultural refusal to demand assimilation, might just lead to the outcome predicted by Danna Vale.
Amanda Vanstone should have a word with Lord Carlile. And Mark Chipperfield's nasty inflammation seems to have affected his inner ear, causing him to lose his balance.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Of Course, They All Came Over On The Mayflower

The Daily Telegraph reports today on the recent escalation in the homicide rate in Compton, California.
Its reporter, Catherine Elsworth, writes that,
"Some say the number of recently paroled prisoners jailed during the city's most violent period 10 to 15 years ago could be to blame"; and,
"Nearly all the murders, police believe, are linked to the city's estimated 57 active street gangs, which are now Hispanic as well as black."
Not once does she mention whether or not any of the gags might be (gulp) illegal foreigners.
If one takes one's news from the Daily Telegraph, one could almost believe that the ancestors of the gangsters currently causing such mayhem in Compton all arrived in the New World on the Mayflower.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Load of Hogwarts

The Daily Telegraph today carries the sad story of Elizabeth Louis.
'Betz', as the Telegraph quotes both her boyfriend and his father describing her, is from Cincinnati, and was deported upon arrival in the UK on January 12 when immigration officials discovered an entry in her diary.
The Telegraph reports ,
"The entry stated that on a previous visit she had been offered a job with a multi-national bank but had not been able to accept it because she did not have the correct visa. She had also written that she had hoped to be able to find work in Britain."
It also quotes her boyfriend as saying,
"Betz was held back and I sat with her for seven hours while they searched our bags. When she was here last year she was offered a job as a PA at J P Morgan, but because we could not secure a work visa she had to decline the job"; and,
"The diary entry was made at the beginning of her visit last year. She never actually looked for a job in the end. On this visit she had no intention of working. I have been supporting her. It seems wrong to chuck her out because of a diary entry."
It quotes his father as saying,
"It has been a complete mess. I don't know what was said in the interview between Betz and immigration but the technicality on which she was sent back was minuscule".
Now, in an ideal world immigration officials would have the latitude to be able to discriminate between applicants for entry - but they do not. Rules is rules is rules, whether those inconvenienced by them like them or not, and acknowledging the existence of a breach of the rules by any person seeking entry to the UK, regardless of their country of origin or their existing connections to British citizens, kind of invalidates whatever moral case you want to put forward on their behalf.
It's all down to that inconvenient old concept called 'the rule of law', you see, something one would have thought a newspaper like the 'Daily Telegraph' would be more interested in promoting than undermining.
The Telegraph reports that Betz and her partner met in a Harry Potter chatroom. Quite appropriate really, given that its story is a load of hogwarts.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

When Are Foreign Criminals Not Foreign Criminals?

When, according to the 'Daily Telegraph', they're 'refugees'.
The very word 'refugee' inspires images of poor, honest folk being turned out their homes by war, civil unrest or violent natural catastrophe. It does not inspire images of international criminals abusing the hospitality of the country in which they have been permitted to seek refuge by flooding its streets with narcotics.
After all, from whom were they seeking refuge?
The Ruiz-Henao Gang have provided three textbook examples of phenomena I have made it my business, in my own small way, to chart. The first is crime which is exclusively a creature of mass immigration. The second is the degradation of British citizenship. The third is the relentlessly pro-immigration stance of the 'Daily Telegraph'.
The gang's principal players, Jesus Anibal Ruiz-Henao and Mario Tascon, were presumably both failed asylum-seekers possessing 'indefinite leave to remain' - or perhaps not. More of that later.
Without the presence in this country of Ruiz-Henao and his accomplices (some described as 'fellow Colombian nationals, many of whom were asylum seekers or illegal immigrants over-staying work permits'), it is impossible not to conclude that these crimes would not have been perpetrated; just as the crimes of Dido Mayue-Belezika would have remained unperpetrated if he had been excluded; nor the crimes of Akil Likcani been perpetrated if he had been excluded.
These are all crimes which the British taxpayer has been bled to detect and prosecute. They would not have happened without the presence of committed foreign criminals in this country...and somebody in authority let them in. To these criminals, the grand history of the United Kingdom is a joke, the Blitz, Waterloo, Trafalgar, Culloden and the Boyne utterly meaningless; books which remain closed while they abuse its traditions and treat the country, which is nothing if it is not the product of that history, as if it were a shabby public toilet. It is intolerable.
I now believe that, if the right to seek asylum is still to exist under British law, every person seeking that status in the United Kingdom should be compelled to wear an electronic tag. The volume of crime being perpetrated by those who have gained entry to the country under the asylum system is so high, and the nature of that crime so serious, that some of the old hands have ruined it for the newcomers.
The chief variable in the asylum equation should shift from the burden being on the British citizen to admit the asylum-seeker to the asylum-seeker deciding whether being constantly monitored is a price worth paying for our sanctuary; and one would hope it would separate the wheat from the chaff without socialist mandarins like Charles Clarke demanding to stamp his jackboot upon the heads of all British citizens with so-called 'ID cards'. By and large, it is not British citizens who are enslaving young Lithuanian women, nor touting for false passports in order to defeat the asylum system for their own enrichment.
The words 'sub judice' are the great spoiler of English law; a gag designed to throttle debate like Hercules throttled the snakes in his cot that sits on a par with 'reasons of national security'. The failed London terrorist attacks of July 22 last year may have brought to the surface several outstanding examples of how British citizenship has been allowed to degrade though official indifference and neglect; and it's only really the desire to avoid prosecution myself that keeps my powder dry on that front.
However, in respect of the case of Ruiz-Henao, 'The Times' has reported today that both he and Tascon are now both British citizens. How did it come to pass that individuals whose claims for asylum were once rejected, and who were permitted to remain here on sufferance, had the impertinence to ask for, and then be granted, the same rights as I and every other native British citizen has?
What checks were done on them? What correspondence was entered into with authorities in Colombia to establish their provenance? Were any checks performed through Interpol to detrmine if they were fit and proper people to become British citizens?
Such cases would indicate it is now harder to open a bank account than to become a British citizen, an inversion of priorities engineered for reasons of ideology which hates the nation -state, and this nation-state most of all.
The Telegraph reports that both Ruiz-Henao and Tascon have been recommended for deportation at the end of their sentences. If they're British citizens, I'd like to see that one flies.
As for the 'Daily Telegraph', describing these individuals as refugees is a gross dis-service to real refugees. Ruiz-Henao and Tascon are criminals, pure and simple - and for the Telegraph to repeat the lie they told to gain admission is almost as bad as their telling of it in the first place.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Nick Squires, The Daily Telegraph's Aussie -wallah, has published an article in today's edition entitled 'Neighbours aren't always good friends'.
His take on the clash of civilisations - sorry, sorry, 'race riots' - that have been taking place in Sydney seems to lay the blame quite squarely at the door of white intolerance. He writes,
"Race riots shook Sydney, Australia's biggest city, with thousands of white youths rampaging through a well-known beach suburb, attacking people of Middle-Eastern background. They were egged on by white supremacists and neo-Nazis."
Hmm, serious stuff. He then notes the deficiencies of some aspects of Australian culture, for which he seems to blame - well, Australians.
"In the 1930s, Australians worried that they were not numerous enough to occupy such a big land and feared invasion by Asiatic hordes, "the Yellow Peril". Japanese air raids on Darwin in the Second World War, and an attack on Sydney by midget submarines, confirmed their worst fears and led to the catchy cry "Populate or Perish".
Perhaps some Aussie larrikin made the cardinal sin of offering him Merlot with his wobbegong - after all don't these people know that it's white wine with fish? But he's really in his stride now.
"The trouble started when a gang of Lebanese-Australian men allegedly beat up a pair of teenage lifesavers on Cronulla beach, in Sydney's southern suburbs."
Ah yes, good old 'allegedly', the lawyer's best friend. And what's with the 'Lebanese-Australian' cultural cowpat, Paleface? Doesn't he realise those guys find that sort of guff culturally inappropriate?
"A protest against the attack on Sunday degenerated into a mob frenzy, with thousands of white youths chanting "Lebs go home". The rampage in turn sparked three nights of reprisal raids by gangs of Lebanese-Australian young men."
Interesting contrast at work here. Lebs 'allegedly' beat up whites - sorry, sorry, Lebanese Australians 'allegedly' beat up non-Lebanese-Australian teenagers who have volunteered to toss themselves into the ocean to try to save other people in the full knowledge they might lose their own in the process. This 'alleged' action results in a 'mob frenzy', with thousands of whites running about all over the place chanting 'Lebs go home'.
What is most offensive to me about that scenario is that, if what Squires reports is true, then the standard of Antipodean invective seems to be slipping.
But having segued the white reaction from a 'frenzy' to a 'rampage', this is in turn metwith 'reprisal raids'. Quite clearly the Lebanese-Australian community was acting in self-defence when shooting at schools and burning churches.
Squires then notes,
"Australians of Lebanese background are among the poorest, least educated and least integrated of any immigrant group. They feel alienated, shut out of the Australian dream, neither Lebanese nor Australian."
Squires fails, of course, to mention why any of this should matter a dingo's toss to the teenage lifeguards the 'Lebanese-Australians' 'allegedly' beat up, which started the whole damn thing off in the first place. Of course he can't, because that would mean acknowledging the Lebs concerned are Muslims.
I have my own thoughts on this type of commentary. I think it's crap - allegedly.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A New Euphemism for Immigrationism

is now up on The Daily Treasongraph.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Congratulations To The BBC

Compare and contrast the following reports from the BBC, ITN and the Daily Telegraph.

Their report is the only one that which does not describe Jean Charles de Menezes, a criminal, as ‘innocent’.
It is gratifying to find at least one British media outlet which exhibits an understanding of the rule of law.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Camp Of The Saints Meets The Raft Of The Medusa

A scene that could not have been dis-similar to that depicted in Gericault's 'The Raft of the Medusa' was reported in the 'World Bulletin' section of today's 'Daily Telegraph'. The section is not online.

It began, 'Cruise liner rescues illegal immigrants adrift in ocean', and continued,

"An Italian cruise liner was transformed into a floating refugee centre after it rescued a boatload of dehydrated and hungry illegal immigrants adrift in the Atlantic.

The Panama registered Melody was on its way from Genoa to Rio de Janeiro when a boat carrying 36 Moroccans was spotted in trouble about 80 miles off the coast of Senegal.

After waiting five hours for international rescue services to arrive, the ships's captain, Antonio di Palma, decided to clear the crews' quarters and bring the migrants on board.

"Taking all the security measures required in such circumstances the embarkation was carried out in less than a quarter of an hour", he said.

Shortly afterwards the migrants 36' boat sank.

The Moroccans, who had left Guinea-Bissau on a roundabout route for Spain through notoriously treacherous waters prone to piracy, were taken in by the Senegalese authoritites in Dakar.

There were more than 1,000 passengers of different nationalities on board the Melody, which continued its journey to Brazil after the rescue last Thursday"

Captain di Palma is to be commended for his courtesy to fellow seafarers in distress; and grudging kudos also goes to the Telegraph for acknowledging that some immigrants can actually be illegal.

Although in this case they may perhaps be being too harsh. It would be a point of law worthy of Grotius whether a person on the high seas who intends to become an illegal immigrant actually achieves that status before they reach their destination.

But this incident does make one thing absolutely clear - the standard of North African seamanship is definitely slipping...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Intellectual Hypocrisy of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson MP has a piece in the 'Telegraph' today entitled "I'll drink to a longer life, but I'm not sure how I'll pay for it".
It makes the soft and subtle immigratonist case, that the UK's birthrate is so low that 'insofar as the British population is set to grow, it is entirely thanks to immigration. '
As was noted recently, BJ has done his bit to reduce the UK's birthrate in the not so distant past - but no doubt the abortion he procured for Petsy Wyatt was motivated by the depth of his libertarian principles, one of the most profound of which is that absolutely nothing should stopyou getting on with your life.